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Pendergrass Leak Detection Hoschton, GA

Do not ignore potentially disastrous leaks in your Pendergrass property. Water line and mainline plumbing leaks can ramp up thousands of dollars in repair costs if they are not promptly addressed. You will save money by consulting with a leak detection specialist who has the tools to eliminate the problem at the source.

Both minor and major leaks in pipes have the same potential to cause significant damage – the only difference is the time that it takes. Whether the leak is located in a residential or commercial property, Atlanta Leak Detection can get to the bottom of the problem. We also offer repair services to make life easier for our Pendergrass customers.

Slab Leak Repair

If you think slab leak repair is too expensive to consider, the cost will increase the longer the problem is ignored. The slab under your property is not designed to handle excessive water intrusion. Buildings are planned in such a way that water always drains away from the foundation. If there is a leak from a pipe in or around the slab, it can result in erosion and structural damage.

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

There is no accurate way of estimating the lifespan of a polybutylene pipe. For instance, some of your plumbing may transport water that includes chemicals such as chlorine. These chemicals are known to erode and weaken polybutylene pipes, which leads to leaks.

If the unpredictability of polybutylene stability is something that concerns you, Atlanta Leak Detection can provide replacement services. We serve both residential and commercial property owners in Pendergrass.

Contact our offices today for specialist leak detection services. We are passionate about providing prompt services to our valued customers. Do not allow leaking pipes to cause extensive property damage. Atlanta Leak Detection offer cost-effective solutions that result in long-term peace-of-mind.

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