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New Problems with Old Polybutylene Pipes Hoschton, GA
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From the 1970s through the mid-1990s, Polybutylene Pipe became an affordable, and therefore popular, choice for internal and external water lines. More recent innovations have produced much more reliable piping options, and polybutylene pipe is now rarely, if ever, used in construction. However, this older pipe remains in numerous Atlanta-area homes, and is often a source of major problems.

The Problem with Polybutylene Pipe

Many homes using polybutylene pipe have experienced no problems to this day. Many others have suffered extensive damage due to the failure of these pipes. A number of factors can contribute to these pipes failing and causing water damage to your home. Most common are root intrusions and deterioration caused by chlorine in the water supply. Structures such as foundations, walls, floors and carpets are then left vulnerable to potentially significant water damage.

Due to the pervasive nature of the chemical deterioration that often occurs, polybutylene pipes tend to become brittle and fracture at several locations throughout your plumbing system. Sadly, there is no foolproof method of predicting the longevity of polybutylene pipes.

Polybutylene Pipe Repair / Replacement in Atlanta

Atlanta Leak Detection specializes in detecting hidden leaks and making repairs. We use the most sophisticated equipment available to detect leaks, even in hidden plumbing. When the polybutylene pipe in your Atlanta home plumbing system fails, we can make repairs and replace your piping quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, many Atlanta-area homeowners are choosing to replace polybutylene pipe in their plumbing systems before encountering problems. This proactive measure could save you thousands of dollars in damage repair costs in the future. Protecting your largest investment with this smaller investment could be a very wise decision.

For more information about polybutylene pipes, leak detection and repair services in or around Atlanta, GA, contact Atlanta Leak Detection at 770-339-8359.

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