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Gainesville Leak Detection Hoschton, GA

Do not underestimate the devastation that a water line leak can cause in your property. Even a leak that is slowly dripping water into integral structures in a home or business premises can cost thousands in repairs. The best course of action when you suspect there is leaking water is hiring a leak detection specialist in Gainesville.

The cost of leaks is calculated in several ways. First, there is the increase in water and energy bills. There is also the issue of additional strain on the entire plumbing system, which can lead to additional leaks. Finally, the damage that water causes to structures such as a slab, walls and floors, all adds up to significant repair costs.

Why is leak detection important? Most of your plumbing system is hidden away, meaning pipes are inaccessible. A leak detection specialist can use advanced equipment to isolate the leak. At Atlanta Leak Detection, we have the tools to identify leaks quickly. Our services also include repair options so you do not need to deal with more than one contractor.

Slab Leak Repair

Imagine suffering an injury that disabled both of your feet. That is similar to how a slab reacts to persistent leaks. Water can erode a concrete slab and upset the foundation of your property. If you notice subsidence, cracks in walls or ceilings or hotspots anywhere in the lower level of your flooring, it is time to consult with Atlanta Leak Detection.

We understand the urgency of addressing slab leaks. Repairs are less expensive when a problem is identified early. Leak detection is a method of inspection that provides property owners viable options for repairing water lines in a slab foundation. You are given all the information needed to make an informed choice. Atlanta Leak Detection can carry out on-the-spot repairs in most situations.

Dealing with multiple contractors is a major pain. Atlanta Leak Detection is a division of Atkins Plumbing. We are fully licensed and equipped to handle any leak detections and repairs in Gainesville. Whether you are a home or business owner, leak detection services can save you money. Don’t allow intrusive water to destroy your investment.

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

Polybutylene pipes are likely to fail in a catastrophic fashion. In the plumbing industry, specialists recommend replacing polybutylene pipes before leaks occur. The reason for this recommendation is simple. The cost of replacement is much lower than repairing the potential damage from a burst pipe. More reliable materials, which can stand the test of time, are used to upgrade the plumbing system in older properties.

The main issues with polybutylene pipes are that they tend to suffer from chemical erosion, wear-and-tear or tree root damage. While these issues can affect any type of plumbing material to a certain degree, a polybutylene pipe is considered particularly vulnerable. Replacing these pipes is often viewed as a preventive solution to avoid costly repair or replacement in the future.

Plumbing & Customer Service Excellence

Atlanta Leak Detection is a fully licensed contractor. We have served the people of Atlanta, including areas such as Gainesville, for over 25 years. Our team of specialists value each and every customer. We are passionate about honest and clear communication. It does not matter if you are a new or existing customer. Atlanta Leak Detection will engage with you throughout any project. Your time and money are important to us. That is why we always respond promptly and offer customers the most affordable repair options as standard practice.

Contact our offices today if you need specialist leak detection services in Gainesville. We are your one-stop contractor, ready to take on any major plumbing repairs.

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