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Duluth Leak Detection Hoschton, GA

Home and business owners in Duluth are losing money due to both minor and major leaks in water lines. In many cases, these leaks are hidden behind walls, under flooring and in pipes that run through foundations. If you notice that your water and energy bills have increased or there is a decrease in water pressure in any appliance or fixture, it may indicate a plumbing leak.

Duluth leak detection specialists use special equipment to pinpoint the source of a leak without causing unnecessary damage to structures, such as walls or slab foundations. Atlanta Leak Detection is dedicated to providing our customers with cost-effective services. We focus on isolating leaks quickly to prevent the further loss of water and damage to property.

Our leak detection specialists are also equipped to carry out most repairs on the spot. That means you won’t have to worry about dealing with multiple contractors. We are a fully licensed leak detection and plumbing contractor in Georgia. If you have any suspicion that there is a hidden leak at your Duluth property, do not hesitate to contact Atlanta Leak Detection for specialist services.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks can result in costly damage to your home or business premises in Duluth. As one of the most difficult types of leaks to detect, slab leaks can go unaddressed for a significant period of time. There is a very real risk to your property from damage spreading to other structures and the foundation becoming dangerously unstable. Cost of repairs aside, a building can be deemed uninhabitable if the slab has suffered significant deterioration due to water intrusion.

There are several indications to look for that may point to a slab leak. If cracks begin to form in walls or ceilings, it is time to contact Atlanta Leak Detection. These issues are commonly associated with slab leak problems. We can come to your property fully equipped to detect and repair leaks that are putting the structural integrity of the building in jeopardy.

Our repair services are second-to-none. We combine intuition that comes from over 25 years’ experience with the use of advanced leak detection equipment to isolate leaks. Precision is the key to finding the exact location of leaks in a slab foundation.

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

The history of polybutylene pipes is closely associated with plumbing failures that cause extensive damage in homes or business premises. These pipes can suffer from chemical erosion, wear-and-tear and are easily damaged by external forces such as tree root intrusion. Duluth property owners may opt to have polybutylene pipes replaced as a precautionary measure. The cost of replacement is dramatically lower than the cost of repairs when polybutylene pipes fail.

Do not risk the structural integrity of your property. If you are worried that internal or external polybutylene pipes may fail, take preventive action. Atlanta Leak Detection has the capacity to isolate any problem spots and replace compromised pipes. Your property is an investment, so make leak detection part of your regular inspection and maintenance plan.

Fully Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Atlanta Leak Detection is a division of Atkins Plumbing. We are therefore licensed to provide full-service plumbing to our Duluth customers. Leak inspection is only one part of our commitment to customer service excellence. We frequently provide on-the-spot repair services to prevent further damage to homes and business premises. Dealing with multiple contractors is time consuming, costly and stressful. You can rely on Atlanta Leak Detection to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Contact Atlanta Leak Detection today if you have concerns about hidden leaks in water lines or your mainline. We have served the community of Duluth for over a quarter of a century.

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