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What are Polybutylene Pipes? Hoschton, GA
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If you live in an older home built from 1978-1995, you most likely have polybutylene pipes running through your home. Polybutylene pipes were widely used as an inexpensive type of pipe for both internal and external water supply piping. Often referred to as “poly pipe” or “water service pipe,” it was underground piping that carried water from the road into the house. Some polybutylene pipes were also installed inside the home plumbing system, as it was thought to be an inexpensive and effective option. However, through the 20 years that it was popularly used in new homes, concerns came up, and builders no longer used polybutylene pipes in property construction after 1995.

There is some debate surrounding the reliability of polybutylene pipes and associated risks. While some people claim that it is inaccurate to say that all polybutylene pipes are guaranteed to fail, many insurance companies will not insure a home with polybutylene pipes. Here are the factors to consider if your older home has polybutylene piping in its system:

  • Temperature changes in the ground cause polybutylene pipes to expand and contract, aggravating the pipes’ structural stability.
  • Chemicals in the water, such as chlorine, can cause polybutylene pipes to become brittle and fracture.
  • Polybutylene pipes are notorious for leaking, leading to mold problems within the home.
  • Pipes that break outside the home can cause the soil to be washed away from underneath driveways and sidewalks, causing cracks and washouts.
  • Leaking underground water from polybutylene pipes can cause huge water bills.
  • Most homes with polybutylene pipes will not pass a home inspection upon sale. Buyers will typically negotiate the replacement of the pipes before purchasing the property.

If you own an older home that includes polybutylene pipes as part of the plumbing network, contact Atlanta Leak Detection today. We can provide replacement options that won’t break the bank. Don’t wait until a leak causes major damage to your home. Be proactive to protect your home investment.

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