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Prevent Dangerous Wastewater from Contaminating Your Home Hoschton, GA
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The plumbing system of your Atlanta home is a vital component to keep your family not only supplied with fresh water but protected from harm. A plumbing system is designed to bring in fresh water for various uses in different locations, and to carry away wastewater after it is used. Wastewater contains harmful contaminants and toxins and must be kept away from your fresh water supply and contact with people and pets.

Polybutylene Pipe Failure

In some dated homes containing polybutylene pipes, keeping dangerous wastewater from contaminating your home can be a problem. Over time, these pipes can become brittle from constant exposure to chlorine and easily split and leak. Toxic wastewater could be leaking into your home in hidden areas, feeding a mold infestation and creating a harmful environment that can cause sickness.

While polybutylene pipes are not guaranteed to fail, the risk for failure over time is high. Chlorine exposure can cause weakened pipes throughout your plumbing system, in freshwater pipes as well as wastewater pipes. You could also be leaking fresh water in multiple areas, wasting precious resources and causing inordinately high water bills.

Many homes throughout the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas were built during the housing boom of the seventies, eighties and nineties. This is when polybutylene piping was the common material of choice for residential plumbing systems. If your home was built during this time, your plumbing system could be nearing 30 or 40 years of age and already experiencing serious leaks.

Leak Detection & Repairs in Atlanta

Atlanta Leak Detection can perform a professional inspection of your plumbing system in Atlanta to discover any leaks. We use the latest, state-of-the-art technology and equipment to detect leaks even in inaccessible areas like concrete foundations. If your polybutylene pipes are failing and springing numerous leaks, we can replace them to protect your home and family.

Many Atlanta homeowners choose to mitigate the risk of polybutylene pipe failure before it causes serious damage to their home and its contents by replacing the entire plumbing system with newer, more durable piping. Speak to a team member from Atlanta Leak Detection about an estimate for replacing the old, worn piping in your home.

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