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Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Hoschton, GA
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Purchasing an older home comes with many advantages: quality workmanship, character, and an ideal location. Finding a well-established community is one of the top priorities in home buying. A neighborhood where you can settle, raise a family, or retire is one of the best finds when searching for a new home.

While older homes and neighborhoods do have their charm, many homes built before 1996 had polybutylene piping installed for the plumbing system. Polybutylene resin is a saturated polymer that was thought to be the perfect solution for water pipes. It is a material that can be molded into many shapes and forms, it won’t crack under pressure, it was readily available, it was affordable, and it transmitted low noise. Most homes from 1978 to 1995 had plumbing systems constructed with polybutylene piping. With the huge housing boom withing this timeframe, using a low-cost material was seemingly ideal.

However, after a couple of decades, it was found that polybutylene piping was deteriorating. Because deterioration of polybutylene pipes happens from the inside out, the problem is generally not identified until major issues arise.

Polybutylene was used as the piping for the primary water source, water heater, feeding sinks, toilets, and bathrooms throughout the home. It was used to attach the main water shutoff valve and was attached to the home’s water meter. Basically, a home with polybutylene pipes will have this material everywhere. Therefore, eventually leaking will begin, and if not corrected properly, the issue can escalate quickly and cause extensive damage.

For most older homes, the best solution is to replace polybutylene piping in your home. Otherwise, you will wind up fixing one section only to have another section of the pipe start leaking – starting the process all over again. Once leaks are found in the polybutylene piping system, the best course of action is to replace and re-pipe the entire system. Destruction of pipes is the most obvious concern, but there are also hidden dangers of pathogens from wastewater harming your family’s health.

At Atlanta Leak Detection, we are experts at understanding polybutylene pipes, and when it is time to have them replaced. Contact us today.

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