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Don’t Ignore Hot Spots In Your Floor Hoschton, GA
Plumber using a wrench to repair and remove the water supply pipe and valve.

“Home” is a word of contentment. Your home should be like a place of refuge. It is the place you can’t wait to return to each day. It is the place where your family dwells and makes memories and where you find comfort in familiarity. Creating an enjoyable space is important since you and your loved ones spend so much time there.

Your home is also likely to be the greatest investment that you will ever have. Your mortgage payments will typically be the largest portion of your monthly financial costs, so you want to make sure that you are taking care of your home. Home maintenance requires more than new paint and new carpet every ten years! Home maintenance requires as much prevention as it does intervention.

Many homes in the Metro Atlanta area are built on slab foundations. Concrete slabs provide fast, easy, and less expensive foundations for homes – making them ideal for many homeowners. Yet, with slab foundations come the risks of costly and invasive problems and repairs.

Most homes built on a slab foundation have plumbing systems running underneath or directly through the foundation. This practical design allows for plumbing to be discretely installed and unnoticeable in the home. Yet, because the plumbing system is so well hidden, it is often difficult to notice trouble if it occurs.

Slab leaks occur when water from the plumbing system leaks out of the pipes beneath your slab foundation. Slab leaks are often not immediately apparent, but one clue to pay attention to is “hot spots” on the floor. If you are walking barefoot in your home and feel a warm or hot spot under your feet, that is a sign of a hot water line leaking from under your slab. This should NEVER be ignored! It is imperative that you contact an emergency plumbing service immediately to prevent extensive damage to your home’s foundation.

At Atlanta Leak Detection, we offer full-service inspection and repair. We have the tools and experience to prevent water leaks from becoming a financial nightmare – but it’s up to you to call us as soon as you notice any “hot spot” or other signs of a slab leak!

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