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Be Prepared for Unpleasant Surprises This Holiday Season Hoschton, GA
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The holidays are filled with surprises. By nature, it is almost impossible to be prepared for a surprise – the sudden and unexpected aspects are what make it a surprise! But unpleasant surprises can also happen during the holidays. When they happen to be connected to your home’s plumbing, Atlanta Leak Detection wants you to be prepared.

The Most Common Unexpected Plumbing Surprises

The Internet is filled with lists this time of year that detail the most common or popular gifts that everyone has on their Christmas list. As an Atlanta homeowner, you also need to know the most common unexpected plumbing surprises you could encounter through the holidays. Here’s our naughty list of some possible plumbing surprises:

  • Toilet or septic tank backups – Extra use when friends or family are visiting for the holidays can cause toilets to clog and overflow or septic systems to back up, making a nasty mess and a true emergency situation at the worst possible time.
  • Hot water heater problems – All that extra bathing, or washing dishes and clothing for numerous get-togethers, may cause an older water heater to start acting up. Noises, leaks or a lack of hot water could strike when you need it to happen the least.
  • Water line breaks – Winter brings colder temperatures that can often drop below freezing. Unprotected or inadequately protected water lines can freeze and burst, causing a loss of water and a huge mess.
    • BONUS TIP: Leaving your garden hose attached to an outside faucet during freezing temperatures is an almost guaranteed prescription for a water line bursting. The water in the hose freezes to the faucet, causing it to freeze and fail. Remove and store hoses before winter temperatures arrive.

Atlanta Emergency Plumbing & Septic Tank Services

When unpleasant plumbing surprises rear their ugly head during the holidays, call Atlanta Leak Detection. We provide emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; and yes, that includes nights, weekends and holidays.

Don’t let unpleasant surprises with your plumbing ruin the better holiday surprises you have planned. Keep our number handy and call if you need us at 770-231-4019. We’ll arrive promptly, assess the situation, propose a solution and get the water flowing again as quickly as possible, so your holiday plans can move forward without a hitch.

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