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Top Reasons To Call In The Experts Hoschton, GA

Top Reasons To Call In The Experts

Copper Pipes And Fittings

When it comes to DIY projects, millions of Americans attempt to do things on their own each year. Sometimes, they still end up calling a professional. Home projects that beautify an area are one thing, but when it comes to plumbing issues in your home, it is generally best to let a plumbing expert handle… Continue reading

Be Prepared for Unpleasant Surprises This Holiday Season

Plumbing Services Atlanta GA

The holidays are filled with surprises. By nature, it is almost impossible to be prepared for a surprise – the sudden and unexpected aspects are what make it a surprise! But unpleasant surprises can also happen during the holidays. When they happen to be connected to your home’s plumbing, Atlanta Leak Detection wants you to… Continue reading

What’s That Smell?

Plumbing and Leaks Atlanta GA

When you walk into your kitchen, you expect to smell something pleasant. Perhaps your spouse has bacon frying on the stove, or maybe cinnamon rolls are baking in the oven, or perhaps it is just the pleasing smell of cleanliness that greets you. Walking into a nice-smelling kitchen is definitely one of home’s greatest comforts.… Continue reading

Prevent Dangerous Wastewater from Contaminating Your Home

plumbing tools

The plumbing system of your Atlanta home is a vital component to keep your family not only supplied with fresh water but protected from harm. A plumbing system is designed to bring in fresh water for various uses in different locations, and to carry away wastewater after it is used. Wastewater contains harmful contaminants and… Continue reading

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

hands of a plumber at work

Purchasing an older home comes with many advantages: quality workmanship, character, and an ideal location. Finding a well-established community is one of the top priorities in home buying. A neighborhood where you can settle, raise a family, or retire is one of the best finds when searching for a new home. While older homes and… Continue reading

Water and Concrete Do Not Mix

Concrete Hole Leak Atlanta GA

Concrete is a versatile and stable substance that is used widely in a variety of applications. The Portland cement mixture is mixed with water and aggregates to form a soupy consistency that can then be molded into virtually any shape. Internal components can also be added to increase the strength of the finished concrete product.… Continue reading

Is Your Toilet Constantly Running?

Plumbing Issues Atlanta GA

You went to the bathroom fifteen minutes ago, and you know you flushed. So, why is it still running? A running toilet is an internal water leak in your toilet tank, and it could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water a day – costing you a lot of money when your water bill arrives… Continue reading

Water Line Replacement

Plumber using a wrench to repair and remove the water supply pipe and valve.

Many things in life are taken for granted until they aren’t working correctly. If you have damage to your water line, you do not want to hesitate to have the issue fixed. The water line is a line (or pipe) that feeds water into places within your home. Anywhere you are connected to water, there… Continue reading

What Happens When This Vital Component Fails?

Water Leak Repair Atlanta GA

Your plumbing system is a finely tuned and synchronized system that performs vital functions integral to the operation of your home or business. Perhaps the most little-known or recognized components that carry some of the heaviest loads are your water lines. Mostly hidden and often forgotten, these lines are constantly at work to provide fresh… Continue reading

Is Water Compromising Your Home’s Foundation?

Spilled Water Leak On The Floor

Water is perhaps the most invasive and damaging of all substances. While it may seem odd that something so vital to life can be so detrimental to physical properties, Atlanta Leak Detection has witnessed firsthand the damage that water causes to homes and other structures. In fact, water could be compromising your home’s foundation without… Continue reading

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